Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Apple Hill

Every year we go to Apple Hill (http://www.applehill.com/) as our family welcome to Fall. We start with a picnic at Rainbow Orchard. They used to just stack hay bales around to be used as picnic tables. now they have tables too. This year, Kelly was in charge of the picnic. We had chicken and salad and cookies and pudding. It was great! What made it extra nice this year was all of the new additions to our family. Roko, Kelly and mark's little boy; Baby Kelly, Dave and Nancee's new baby girl. It was especially fun this year to have Gramma Sissy (Jeanette) and Micheal and Amelia and little Noura join us.

After our picnic we go on to Kids Inc. where we listen to Farm Fresh (www.myspace.com/farmfreshmusic) a bluegrass band that we all really enjoy. Kid's Inc is on a hill. It's a favorite place for kids to roll and play and stumble. There's a cute little shop that we visit and a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. We eat apple pie a la mode.
This year we took a family picture while we were there. Back Row: Nancee, Dave Rich, Amelia, Mark & Roko (although you can't see them), Micheal. Second Row: Andrew, Jeanette, Kelly with baby Kelly, Harry. Front Row: Me, Sabrina, Noura, and Nathaniel. I love it when we are all together! Jeanette and I are such a small little family-just her & me. I'm so glad we had kids and that they have kids. We both love the hustle and bustle of family. I wish we all lived in the same town. What fun that would be. This day would have been more fun if Uncle Kirk and Kip and Jenny could have been there.

After Kids Inc. we end the day at High Hill where there is a fish pond and craft booths. We eat apple fritters drink cider, and go to this cute little shop where we buy at least one Halloween or Christmas Ornament.

This year it was really hot and so everyone was wiped out. The guys all took naps.

Well, so did Noura.

Even with the heat, the day was fun. Kelly had decorated her house all spooky and gave everyone a really great halloween drawing.

Kelly and Mark live in Shingle Springs which is close to Apple Hill--so we really appreciate them hosting us before and after the outing.

I hate to see summer end-closing the pool, putting away my capris and swim suits, but I love going to Apple Hill and that makes the coming of winter a little easier.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recently I discovered that my son-in-law, Mark, who I love, spelled jansfriends wrong when he set up my blogspot account. So I had to start my blog over (not that anyone reads it). This is why there is only one entry here. If you'd like to read my other entries (and I think you should) then please go to http://www.jansfirends.blogspot.com/.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween From The Moon
As she hung from the moon, she tried to remember how she managed to lose her broom. Was it a sudden gust of wind? Did she fall asleep? And where is it now? How was she ever going to make it to the house on the corner where they hand out the full size candy bars before they're all gone? And what is her mother going to say? Why oh why did she trust that old woman who told her the broom would add that little extra something to her costume?
Next Halloween she is going as a Princess!
(Want to see more Halloween drawings? Go to http://www.jansfriends.com/)