Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Being Released

Sunday I was released from my calling. I've only been the gospel doctrine teacher for 2 years and expected to be there for 2 more. I was so shocked when Bro. Adams came by to tell me. What's worse is I wasn't called to something else. I've been fretting over this all week.
I've always had a hard time being released when it's not by choice or when not feeling like "it's time".
So I feel like I was fired. I know, I know... that's not how the Church works. But why, then, do they release people and then leave them hanging.
I guess I should be glad to have a break and really that's how I'm trying to look at this, but my feelings are a little hurt and my own insecurities keep popping into my head (and heart) and making me wonder what I did wrong.
And then the worst thought enters my mind--they're going to call me to the nursery (I always think they're going to call me to the nursery). This time I'm going to smile and say "I would be delighted" (this is a whole different story and I really don't want to talk about it). Just walking by the nursery door practically gives me a mini nervous break down.
So why am I writing all this down?
Because maybe it will help.
So will prayer.

I have such gratitude for my talents and the opportunities I've had to serve. I know the Lord knows me and loves me. I guess I'm just going to have to go on faith.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The House at Pooh Corner

So Harry is Tigger in his High School's production of The House at Pooh Corner. I painted the set. Really it's just two trees-Pooh's house and Owl's house. At first I was just going to copy the illustrations from the book, but then I started painting and pretty soon the trees started to look like trees I would paint. I think they turned out great. I finished with enough time to do some fun stuff like- a portrait of Owl in his house and a window in Pooh's house.

It's nice painting for Harry's school theatre. Mr. Barlow really appreciates it. I'm not sure what it would look like without my help. It's a totally different feeling than I had painting for MJC where they could care less and never appreciated my work.

Harry is absolutely wonderful as Tigger. Really funny. Very talented.

Monday, March 16, 2009


George & Pinky

I've discovered the world of Spore!!

I downloaded the mobile version of the game to my phone (see post 2/19).
It appeals to me in the same way that Pixie Hollow does.--I know--it's about creating monster creatures and surviving by eating or fighting other creatures and Pixie Hollow is about cute little fairies and making friends, BUT it's about the ARTWORK!

I am blown away by the graphics. The game for mobile devices has you play as a small little creature swimming through Primordial Ooze that looks like something under a microscope except for the other very cool looking creatures trying to eat you.

George and Pinky were created in the Spore Creature Creator (free on line at but a pain to download). The artists who created this program make it so fun just to create your own monster from the shape of the body to what kind of mouth, hands, feet, etc to what and how the color is applied. Then to make it even funner, they added all kinds of little animations it can go through, like dancing, crying, swooning in love, even little babies that hatch out of eggs.

I'm telling you it was just so FUN! I totally didn't even see a little of "Numbers" which was what I was supposed to be doing with my husband.

I am so going out and buying the game for my PC!

Monday, March 9, 2009

If Only I Were Young Again

Wishing to be young again, can start at any age. When the new baby is born, the older baby wants to be a baby again. And when you're having a bad "mom" day, don't you wish you could be young again and not have kids? When your teenage daughter gets ready to go to the prom, don't you wish you could be her age again. (Oh, admit it, you'd like to go to the prom again.) Now, it's probably different for men because I don't think they ever really grow up (but that's a whole different story). Anyway, what I'm saying is, we all wish we could go back and be our young self again at some point (perhaps at many points) in our life.
This is kind of how I'm feeling today.

I went back to college in the late eighties. Personal computers were new. I took a computer graphics class and loved it. I had an Amiga (don't laugh). It had the best graphics at the time. After that I went on with my life and family. And of course computers got better and better. And pretty soon I was wishing I was in high school again and could do it all again.

Yesterday, I asked a woman in RS about cute backgrounds for blogs and she told me about thecutestblogontheblock website. I spent hours pouring over their designs and the secrets. I redid my blog about 4 times, made my own button, and a signature.

Now I don't really know that much about code-just what my son-in-law has showed me when putting up my website. Mostly I just copy and paste and experiment. But I wish I knew more.

I wish I could be young again and do it over-I would so be a graphic artist.

I use my computer a lot with my artwork but wish I knew more.

I'd like to know the code and design cute stuff to put with my drawings.

You're probably thinking why doesn't she go back to school? I've thought of that too, but I've been back once and it was hard. Not to mention expensive. I want to be young with tons of energy and time and no responsibilities and then I want to go back to school.

So I guess I'll just keep muddling through with what I can do with graphics and codes and I'll keep on admiring the young graphic artists who are changing the art world. Not to mention movies, blogs, websites, graphic novels...OMG!

My next thing to try is-making my website as cute as my blog. I know there's a way!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fairy Friends

So you know I've become addicted to Pixie Hollow. It's a great way to procrastinate doing housework, cooking dinner, folding laundry. It keeps me up late at night (only time the servers are empty of all the little girls who have had to go to bed) and early in the morning (all the little girls have gone to school). And who doesn't love Disney? I wish I were as talented as the Disney artists.

So they're having an art contest. Draw your fairy.

And I know I'm not a little girl and I didn't enter to win. But it was a challenge and an inspiration. Sometimes I have to be pushed into doing some artwork.

I've doodled around for a month, trying to work it out. The deadline is Thursday.