Monday, January 7, 2013

A Blog for Harry

Since Harry has been on his mission I have been keeping a blog for him. It's amgreatmway to share his letters and pictures along with my feelings while he is gone. So please visit his blog at

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sending a Missionary Out Into the Field

We've been planning it his whole life. He's made all the right choices. 

He got his letter.

We bought the suits and shirts, the shoes and ties. He went through the temple (twice). He received his Patriarchal blessing. He gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting. Everyone wished him well. His nieces and nephews came by to play with him. He went to the movies for the last time. He was set apart.

Then all of a sudden it was the last night. He was packed and I was kissing him goodnight like I did when he was little.

We took him to the airport.

He used his last couple of hours saying good-bye to friends.

A friend who works at the airport escorted us through security so we could be with him just that much longer.

But then they called his flight number to board and we had to leave him.

Now he is in the Lord's hands and is about His business.

I cried all the way home. His dad was excited that he was getting to go on a great adventure.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Super Heros for Roko

My daughter, Kelly planned the most awesome 4th birthday party for Roko this past Saturday. It was so fun! And the kids loved it!

I've always been a fan of at home birthday parties (well mostly, when I'm feeling especially Super Mom-ish). Ya know, before McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese all birthday parties were held at home. I remember a great dance party I went to as a kid right after Chubby Checker invented the "twist". And then there's the famous unbirthday party of my cousin Barbara where we invited all the neighborhood kids and then told Aunt Joan (who came through with cupcakes). And of course, I've planned a few fun ones myself. There was a Gem party for Kelly, a Tea Party for Sabrina, the super Hot Wheels and great Nerf party for Harry.

But none have compared to Roko's SUPER HERO birthday.

There were HEROS:
Kelly made capes for everyone and they decorated their own masks.

They each had their own Trading Cards:

There was a VILLIAN:
They eventually apprehended him using Super String.

They trained by:
Diffusing bombs...

Scaling tall buildings...

Driving super fast...

Disposing of Kryptonite...

And traversing laser beams.

They were rewarded:
They ate "hero" sandwiches with "power" punch.
Kelly made an array of Super Hero cupcakes.

Oh and there were presents:
Roko received lots of super hero presents, but his favorite was the Captain America helmet and shield from Gramma Ashurst.

And when it was over, some people were REALLY tired.

Thank you Kelly for such a great party, for being such an awesome mom, and O yeah, for having such a Super Hero son!