Monday, April 20, 2009


What is it about Disneyland?
We just got back. Our whole family went-all 13 of us: 7 adults, 3 kids, 2 babies, and 1 teenager. We've been planning for more than a year. Where to stay-Disneyland Hotel (Duh!). How many days in the park-4 (Dave, Nate, and Harry-5). Will it be warm or cold-who knows (it turned out 2 days cold, 2 days warm-nice!). How to pay for it-income tax returns and The Bank of Grampa.

Is it the happiest place on earth?
Everywhere you go you see it.

Baby Kelly loved "Finding Nemo".

I swear Dave turns into a 10 year old.
That's why he gets an extra day while Nancee packs up the car.

We all love Pixie Hollow (well, not Sandi).
We stood in line for an hour to have a pic with Tinkerbell.

Sabrina and Nate got makeovers at the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique.

Roko loved the water in Bug's Land.

Don't get me wrong, I hear the crying kids and frustrated parents too. And I know the lines are long and the food is overpriced. But for a few days you are totally immersed in the wonderfully imagination world that was and still is Walt Disney. Everywhere you go there is something beautiful, artistic, or silly to look at, participate in, sing along to, take a picture of or just remember.

I went to Disneyland the first year it opened. I was 2. I have some very vivid memories of it. And everytime I go I'm amazed at the new and amazing rides, attractions, and shows. Favorite memories of this trip will be: Baby Kelly's face as she looked out the submarine porthole; spending time shopping with Kelly and drawing animations in the Apprentice's Workshop and having mine work; Nathaniel getting to ride Indiana Jones for the first time; Andrew loving that Alice in Wonderland was PINK! And Nathaniels face, on the last day, when it crumbled into tears because he didn't want to leave.

What will Disney do next? I can't wait for Cars Land in 2011. We've already promised Harry to take him before he goes on his mission.

So what is it about Disneyland?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bunnies and Eggs and Andrew, Oh My!

Easter has always been my favorite. The promise of warm days to come. Snapdragons and poppies blooming in the garden. Capris and cute short sleeved tops with sandals or better yet flip flops. We hope for weather warm enough to swim.
We always have an egg hunt-sometimes indoors and sometimes out (sometimes both). I love it. Plastic eggs all over the backyard (mostly in plain sight) and little kids running.
And Andrew!
Andrew is our number 3 grandchild out of 5 and number 2 child out of 3--totally the middle- which could explain a lot. He just turned 4 and I LOVE him!
He makes all of these silly faces-most of them angry and tells everyone he's "busy".
He loves cars, well really, anything with wheels.
His favorite color is pink.
He loves tea parties.
I get to play with him almost everyday!