Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's Catch Up

Sometimes life just gets away from me. So I have to play "catch up".

Here's what's been going on:

Stolen Life
My bank card info was stollen and whoever stole it used it to buy computer stuff and set up a porn site. After calling the bank and all the venders I found out that there really aren't any consequences for the thief other than all the payments for stuff are canceled. I got my money back but it bothers me that it's just one of those "Oh well, these things happen" kind of experiences and nobody cares or does anything about it.

What's happened to integrity and honesty in our society? It seems that what's important today is not getting caught.

Harry baptized Sabrina. Sabrina is 10 and since she wasn't blessed when she was born, there are no church records for her. Consequently, she is considered a convert and so had to take the missionary discussions. Elders Killinger and Cedillo gave her the discussions and they did an excellent job of teaching her about the Restoration of the Gospel on a level that she could understand. Her baptism was one of the most spiritual experiences EVER! Kelly sang, and David confirmed her. She was sweet and beautiful.

Taking the discussions reminded me of the reasons I joined the Church and why I love it. It makes total sense to me. I know that it is true.

Called to Primary
I've been the Relief Society Chorister for a while. It's a calling I've had before. I don't know why the lord keeps calling me to do music- I really have no talent for it. But I did the best I could. It was a challenge. I've never really wanted to be in Primary- it kind of scares me, but I was thrilled when I got this new calling (probably because it was a way to get away from the music). So...I'm teaching the 10 & 11 year olds. Now... I love teaching- I'm good at it, but these guys are a challenge. It's their last year in Primary and they feel they are too old for most of it. So I have to stay on my toes and keep them interested in the stories of the Old Testament. I also have to keep myself interested during Sharing Time lessons that couldn't be more boring.

Summer Arrived
It's been a long, cold, and wet winter! I thought spring and summer would never get here. And then finally, the last week of school, it finally got warm. And although, I have complained about the weather, my backyard has never been so beautiful!

I love my home! I love that is a place my kids and grandchildren want to visit and play at and sleep over. I LOVE floating in the pool and counting my blessings.

My iPad
You know how much I LOVE my iPhone. Well, I couldn't wait to get an iPad. I had Kelly stand in line at the Apple store that morning because I was in Disneyland. It was waiting for me when I got home. I LOVE IT! I have figured out how to blog on it. I can watch ABC TV shows on it (if only all the other networks would put out an app). I have books to read on it. I can watch Netflicks on it. It holds all my artwork, family photos, e-mail, calendar, thoughts, Primary lessons...oh! I could go on and on! I would probably give up my laptop completely if it had some kind of flash player. Alas, until Apple makes nice with Adobe or until they develop their own version I still, sometimes have to turn on my laptop.

Someday, kids will be carrying iPads to school instead of backpacks. Wouldn't it be cool!

So, now we're all caught up.

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