Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pajama People

As I see it, there are 2 kinds of people in the world: pajama people- those of us who LOVE our pajamas and find any excuse to wear them- and people who WISH they were pajama people.

Pajamas are usually loose and comfy. Flannel for winter, cotton for summer. I love Nick and Nora and Gilligan O'malley. My mom loved Karen Neuburger pajamas. Pajamas are the one article of clothing that looks good in even the silliest print. I have some with sock monkeys on them. Did you know you can send pajama grams?

The best part of being sick (even just a little) is that you can wear your pajamas all day. And if you are very sick you can ask your kids to go to Target and buy you some new cute ones that will make you feel better.

And Slumber Parties! A party invented to celebrate what you wear to bed but never going to sleep.

Schools have "pajama day". A real favorite even with high school students. Harry loves a day when he can wear his robe all day. I often see girls shopping while wearing pajama pants.

On days when it's rainy and cold I feel it is best to stay inside wearing pajamas, wrapped in a quilt, and watch old movies. If you should come to my house on one such day, be prepared to find me in pajamas. In the spring when mornings are starting to warm up, I love to sit out by the pool in my pajamas.

I clean house in my pajamas. I mean, really, why shower and get dressed just to get all sweaty cleaning and then have to shower again when you're done.

Christmas Eve is fun celebrated by having dinner while dressed in Christmas jammies. It also makes it easier when it's time for little ones to go to bed in anticipation of the arrival of Santa- who I'm sure can't wait to get home and put on his pajamas.

When you get home from church on Sunday, do you stay in your church clothes or do you rush to change into your pajamas and maybe even have a nap? Because it's totally OK to sleep in your pajamas.

So...go put on your pajamas! Have a comfy day!

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