Friday, April 30, 2010

The Talent Show

Rich and I went to Harry's High School talent show tonight. We were surprised at the talent.

Everyone is so worried about the disappearance of the arts in our schools- especially here in California. When cuts need to be made, it's never in the sports department- no one would ever cut funding to Football. But music and art and drama- somehow they are never important enough.

And yet I saw some really amazing singing, piano playing, dancing, even spoons tonight. The winner played the ukulele. I guess funding can be cut from the arts but not talent. Whether it's parents providing lessons and support or just the shear desire of the student to perform-the arts are still alive.

It was so encouraging to see teenagers applauding and cheering each other on- whether the performance was outstanding or a little off. It made me glad to be a parent of a teenager. Harry had a very small part playing the box drum in a small group and yet as we were leaving so many told him he had done a great job.

I'm a great believer in the importance of the arts in school. I wish somehow the powers that be would come to the realization that the greatest minds of all time were artists of some kind- I don't think Leonardo DaVinci played football, Einstein was not the most popular student in his class, and Mozart probably didn't win a state championship.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I found these really cute shoes to wear with the skirt I bought for Easter. They're made by Born, so they are also expensive. But it was like putting cute pink flowers on my toes. I just had to have them. I went to Macy's to buy them, but, alas, they did not have my size. So Friday when I went to see Kelly we stopped at Macy's in Sacramento and YAY! they had them. I wore them to church yesterday and felt absolutely adorable and got compliments by friends who sat by me. I almost didn't want to take them off when I got home.

It got me thinkin about how important shoes are in my life.

I LOVE them!
They make me HAPPY!

No matter how much weight I gain, my feet are still small and cute. If I can't find that sweet little top in my size, I can always find a sweet little pair of SHOES. Sometimes I buy the shoes first and then the outfit to wear with them.

I buy more shoes in the spring and summer than in the winter. Probably because in the winter it's more about protecting your feet and really Converse in every color really does the trick (I have pink, sparkly red, black, and brown) Last year, I discovered DC's. They come in lots of prints and colors- so far I only have one pair- kind of a green print. For trips to Disneyland in the winter I have sturdy and comfy Keens.

But in the summer....

It's all about CUTENESS! Flip flops. Slides. Wedges. Sandals. Peep toes. Flats. Jellies. I love them all! Stylish and supportive Jambou's, Merrill's, Allegria's, or Keens for Disneyland. Cute little Roxy flip flops for around the pool. Colorful jellies from The Children's Place for fun. And of coarse all kinds of adorable shoes for church.

Maybe it's because we always look down on our feet but what we wear on them can change how you feel about life. Yesterday, with my pink, flower Born's, I felt WONDERFUL. Nothing could go wrong. Even wearing Converse on a rainy day makes me feel hopeful and young. I have a pair of Roxy flip flops with colored beads on them that remind me of the 60's, when all things seemed possible. in my messy closet...where all possibilities lay hidden...or in plain sight, I will find that special shoe that will MAKE MY DAY. And if not...there's always Macy's!