Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Third Shoe


The motor in the pool pum
p blew. I really thought my world would end. The pool turned green...GREEN! If this had happened in October it wouldn't have bothered me, but in the Spring? All winter I dream about floating in the pool. It's what keeps me from going mad during the long, ugly, rainy days of Winter. Nightmares of swampy swims kept me awake along with thinking about how much it could cost to fix?'s just the First Shoe.


10 o'clock at night the phone rings. It's Sabrina. She and Sandi have been in a car accident in a round-about. As I'm trying to get my clothes on, I'm praying that they are alright and what do I do if they aren't. They weren't hurt. But the car was another matter. They were driving my PT. The driver's side was totally bashed in. Rich couldn't remember if we had anything other than liability insurance on it. GREAT! So fell the Second Shoe.

We all know that when shoes begin to fall, they don't fall in pairs. Which is totally weird because how many people do you know who wear more than 2 shoes at a time? So we kept waiting for the Third Shoe. We knew it was gonna drop. it was only a matter of time. Oh and by the way...the pump motor? $325. The PT? $500 deductible. (Thankfully, we had kept full coverage.) And eventually that Third Shoe fell.


It fell with a "Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!"-ing sound. The washer. No matter how I rearranged the clothes in it, it wouldn't balance. This is my third washer since I got married. And it's a Maytag. (By the way- that whole Maytag Repairman who never gets called out to repair Maytag washers-IT'S A TOTAL LIE!) And, of course, it happens the day after my extended warranty with Sears expired. ugh! And it was 2 days before we were leaving for Disneyland. Going to the Laundromat. One of life's true "white trash" experiences. Renewed the warranty and got it fixed. I LOVE Sears.

3 shoes. All within one month. Sharp, pointy toed, stiletto heeled and not one that I could wear!